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Indira offers authentic Indian Cuisine cooked in traditional ways. The tandoor cooked naan bread is especially popular. Take out available. Find Indira in Uruma


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Indira specializes in Indian cuisine cooked in traditional ways. Our naan bread has to be tried! Cooked in a traditional tandoor and you can get unlimited plain naan with our lunch sets!

At dinner choose from an extensive menu featuring over 17 different types of naan bread! There’s also many vegetarian curries including a must try local Okinawan goya curry!

Our Indian specialties include dosa, idli and chapati as well as dals and sambar.

Our Food

Masala Dosa 700 yen
Idli 550 yen
Poori 550 yen
Chapati 1 sheets / 250 yen
Chana Ghashi 650 yen
Onion Tambali 550 yen
Hyderabadi Biriyani 4 or more, Reservation required 1 Person 1200 yen
Vegetable Biriyani 800 yen
Malai Kofta (Vegetarian) 900 Yen
Chicken Curry 750 yen
Tandoor Chicken (Whole) 1800 yen
Halva 350 yen

Over 17 Different Naan

Including bacon cheese naan, ginger honey naan, garlic cheese naan and for dessert our chocolate naan! If you’re a naan lover you’ll never get bored at Indira!

100% Authentic

We offer authentic Southern Indian cuisine cooked by a local chef. Try out southern Indian specialties like dosa, idli and chapati as well as dals and sambar. We also offer “Mirusu”; a selection of dishes traditionally served on a banana leaf but here served on a platter designed for mixing

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Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday (Closed Wednesday) 11am – 3pm & 5pm – 10pm

Payment & Parking

Free Parking Available We accept ¥, Credit Card & Apple Pay